VIETNAM_Ho Chi Minh City_Day 001

Ho Chi Minh City
Area_2,095 km2
Density_ 3,401/km2

City and Park Infrastructures / Physical or Invisible

Artificial Ecologies

Concepts of Program/Urban morphologies and typologies

Organisational  Regimes

Gumb-B of the day

Observe, Map

“The comparison of two sizes or two multiplicities require, in any case, that they both be analysed according to a common unit; so that comparison effected according to measurement is reducible, in every case, to arithmetical relations of equality to the calculable form of identity and difference.”

Order, on the other hand, is established without reference to an exterior unit: I can recognize in, effect, what the order is that exists between a and b without considering anything apart from those two outer terms’; one cannot know the order of things ‘ in their isolated nature’, simplest, one can progress inevitably to the most complex things of all. Where as comparison of measurement requires a division to begin from, then the application of a common unit, here, comparison and order are one and the same thing: comparison by means of order is a simple act which enables us to pass from one term to another, then to a third, etc.,  by means of absolutely uninterrupted movement.” Michel Foucault, The order of things

“writing has nothing to do with signifying, but with land-surveying and mapmaking, even countries yet to come.” Deleuze, On the line

Many contemporary cities appear to have similarities and aspects that make them extremely unique, this exercise will explore these aspects and attempt to capture the ‘difference’ that make these singularities exist in the cities to be visited.

Continuing the area of research selected for the Guide Book
+    City and Park Infrastructures: physical or invisible
+    Artificial Ecologies
+    Grids/Fields/networks-  Concepts of Program/ Urban morphologies and typologies
+    Organisational  Regimes

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