VIETNAM_Ho Chi Minh City_Day 002

City and Park Infrastructures / Physical or Invisible

Concepts of Program/Urban morphologies and typologies

Organisational Regimes


Fold out, Pop-u, Inflate


This exercise will continue to explore the notion of the city as body through 1:1 installations; as responsive and generative ‘mappings’ of the landscape. Acts of intervention are considered as physical and spatial mappings of sites, situations and occurrences.

The specific aim of this exercise is to identify the multiple modes of exchange, inhabitation and interaction that are engrained within spatial and temporal qualities of the site and to propose two installations that are designed for these ‘acts of living’.

Group 1
Amanda, Amy, Arlene, Ohm, Prue, Shuting, Yenita

Prototype explorations

Prototype development

Group 2
Andrés, Brock, Michelle, Nicole, Tech, Zhi

Prototype explorations

Prototype development

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