Meet the Gum-b’s

Amanda is joyful and sweet. Amanda is from Wujin so she is quite excited about being able to go home and see her family.

Amy describes herself as wise, discerning and adventurous. She is also a little problematic.

Andreas is from Melbourne Eastern suburbs and likes cars, girls, and going out to spend time with his family and friends. You will probably see him dragging in the outer suburbs on the weekend.

Arlene likes to watch and observe people.

Brock is the resident Gum-b athlete as he runs about 10km a day. He has stated that he enjoys ‘exploring the landscape through the process of running.’ To cool himself down he likes to play video games whilst wrapping himself in bubble wrap.

Michelle is playful but can be very quiet. She prefers to let her t-shirts do the speaking for her… Right now her fave shirt is, ‘am I right or wrong?’

Nicole loves photography and is the ‘help desk technician’ for any camera related problems. She likes watching Tech perform his yo-yo tricks and can be a bit clumsy on a bike, as was discovered on the Mekong Delta bike ride.

Ohm is from Thailand and loves watching movies, in particular the horror films. His favourite being ‘The Exorcist’ remake.

Prue is from Thailand’s Pee Pee islands. She is funny, loves to cook and eat.

Rosalea Monacella:
Rose is the Program Director of Landscape Architecture at RMIT University and is the Co-Director of OUTr (office of transformation research).
Rose is in love with all things that start with the letter ‘i’ or made from the Macintosh company. If she was asked to invite anyone in the world to dinner, alive or dead, it would be Steve Jobbs.

Shuting will be the first ‘Gum-b’ to celebrate her birthday on this trip. She describes herself as random and crazy. Slowly, we are learning that she likes karate and Chinese opera. We are waiting for her to perform them both at the same time.

Tarryn Boden: (T-Bone / Taz)
Taz is a research assistant within the RMIT Design Research Institute and is a Graduate from RMIT Architecture.
Taz has the burning desire to travel to New Zealand. She also likes to “drop it like its hot,” hopefully whilst on her travels.

Tech is the Gum-b yo yo whiz and is yet to break any windows in the hotel room foyers. He also loves computers, the Internet and of course; sleeping.

Tom Harper:
Tom is a researcher within the OUTr lab and is a Landscape Architect.
To put it bluntly, Tom likes to ‘drop it like it’s hot’ and he will tell you how it is.

Yenita is in her final year of architecture. She didn’t have any words to describe herself so she preferred to put ‘blank’ in this section.

Zhi likes martial arts, specifically Chinese kungfu. He also has a secret addiction to playing video games on his PS2.

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