VIETNAM_Mekong Delta_Day 007

Mekong Delta
Area_39,000 km2
Density_ 415 / km2

City and Park Infrastructures / Physical or Invisible

Artificial Ecologies

Organisational  Regimes


Gumb-B of the day


Site: Ho Chi Minh CIty, District 2

With a foreseen continuation of transformation in the urban environment and the changing dynamics of the way we live, the urban landscape is imposed with pursuing mechanisms that can accommodate the transformation of economic, social, environmental and infrastructural condition of the urban fabric. How can this transformation and create a set of systems determined by the investigation and redefinition of the urban fabric that facilitate change and accommodate a flexible accumulation and produce a changing spatial urban pattern?

Group 1
Amanda, Amy, Arlene, Ohm, Prue, Shuting, Yenita

Testing prototypes on site

Group 2
Andrés, Brock, Michelle, Nicole, Tech, Zhi

Testing prototypes on site

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